Woman facing 8-year jail sentence for biting off boyfriend’s tongue


A Spanish woman is facing prison time after biting off her ex boyfriend’s tongue- but has yet to go to trial, even several years after the incident.

Barcelona native Adaia Lopez Esteve was arrested in 2017, after she lured her soon-to-be ex in with a request for one last goodbye kiss… And ripped his tongue from his mouth, spitting it on the ground before fleeing the scene.

The couple had a tumultuous relationship from the start, having previously dated in 2016. The relationship lasted less than two months before the victim could no longer handle the young woman’s mood swings.

Unfortunately for the victim, the two resumed their relationship after separating, with the idiosyncrasies finally ending in a breakup.

Throwing a tantrum and storming out of the residence when the bad news was broken, the young woman returned after a short time, urging her soon-to-be former lover to give her one last goodbye kiss.

After fleeing the scene, Esteve was captured by local law enforcement. The victim was rushed to the hospital after a neighbor heard his screams.

Despite the incident taking place in 2017, Esteve has yet to go to trial, and it is unknown when she will finally see her day in court.

According to the Daily Mail, the trial will eventually take place at Barcelona Provincial Court.

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